My five-day trip to Iceland was as random as the day my sister from-another-mother, Ameerah, and I planned it. Four months earlier during one of our weekly meet-ups, she and I just blurted “Iceland” over cups of tea. Ameerah, who was on her way home from work when we met up, had her Macbook at the time and opened it up. Using Groupon, we found a flight and hotel package for a November travel. With the price being $599, we went for it. It was a complete case of randomness as we Leos are prone to.

I was excited about the trip but I did not yet know why. After all, I hadn’t done any research. I didn’t search for “things to do in Iceland” on Google. Besides, if Game of Thrones was shot there, how bad could it be? We were also on auto-pilot because our trip had activities built in for us. Finally, November came and this trip turned out to be quite the learning experience.

2 thoughts on “Iceland: My Biggest Travel Regret

  1. When I visited Iceland I didn’t actually want to go, but it was a compromise with my boyfriend. As a result, I didn’t look into what there was to do, and even though I did the Blue Lagoon & Golden Circle, I still feel like I missed so much! I’ll be going back one summer for a 10 day road trip. And I’d definitely advise hiring a car rather than doing the tour bus for the Golden Circle – the time before & after all the coaches arrive are amazing because there’s hardly anyone there (at least in Dec)!

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    1. Hi Becky! I hear you on the initially unwilling part. Iceland just kind sneaks up on you and the next thing you know? You’re in love! A 10 trip is the best way to go because you get to see and enjoy enough! Now when I see people posting pictures of Iceland I get jealous lol!

      Thanks for reading AND for your comment. Truly appreciated!

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