I want to see it. I need to see it. This was my conclusion the first time I saw a picture of someone atop the Haiku Stairs, known around the world as the Stairway to Heaven. Why wouldn’t I want to do it? It’s an entire stairway built on a ridge on Oahu, Hawaii’s third largest island. What made the Haiku Stairs so much more enticing were the inconvenient truths that it was both illegal and dangerous. Similar to marijuana—if you believe United States’ Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Hyperbole

I enlisted the services of Google and dove into a sea of research. They were hit and miss. Misses more than hits and the misses were discouraging. People have died while climbing the stairs. Many of the deaths I read about were slip and falls and heart attacks. Oh dear, I thought. Actually, I used another word. Usually, this would be where I slap the lid of my Macbook shut but I couldn’t look away. I needed someone to tell me it was ok but the more I looked, the more I realised that I was bound to risk fines or death. Thanks to life insurance I might be worth more dead than alive but I was in no mood to make my son rich.

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